Yoani Yapperville

 Yoani Yapperville are the first Members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) in Kenya taking care of the export and import of pets.

Relocating your pet(s) can often appear very daunting and complicated. DON’T PANIC – it is not that difficult if you choose the right person. Yoani Yapperville provides the full package for handling and organizing the transfers of your dog/cat abroad taking the stress off you:  Pre- and post-travel boarding, Blood tests, Information on requirements by relevant authorities, Preparation and coordination of all the necessary travel documents/paperwork. Collection and delivery of your pet from and to the necessary Nairobi airport from the kennels. Preparation of suitable, comfortable travel crates (plastic / wood); design regulated by airline and destination country, as well as Microchip insertion – Pet ID is compulsory for most destinations abroad these days.

Website: https://www.yappaville.com/