KSPCA is the only animal welfare charity in Kenya protecting animals from neglect and abuse.  They rely on the help of volunteers, voluntary fundraising and donations to carry out our important work, so your support is invaluable to us!

Since the society’s formation one hundred years ago, KSPCA has grown and is well known for animal rescue and rehabilitation. The KSPCA headquarters is on Langata Road, Karen with kennels and cattery. You may book an appointment to visit the animals or volunteer (due to COVID appointments are necessary).

With a focus on domestic animals, KSPCA is currently home to around 150 dogs, 90 cats as well as donkeys and goats. They rehome around 45-50 dogs and 20 cats per month.  KSPCA also has offices providing relief to animals in Naivasha and Mombasa.

Website: https://kspca-kenya.org/