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Made from 100% natural organic fibres and kitten safe.

Specially developed for sensitive cats and its fine grain means it is particularly gentle to soft paws.

Cat’s Best Sensitive obtains its natural antibacterial effect from a natural agent which is added to the litter with the green pearls. This supports antibacterial hygiene in the cat litter tray.

Cat’s Best Sensitive also uses the natural power of refined active wood fibres, which effectively absorb liquids and odours - up to seven times their own volume - and trap them deep inside. This neutralises odours so effectively that the cat litter can remain in the litter tray for up to eight weeks.

Compostable and 100% biodegradable. An organic cat litter that can be disposed off in the normal household toilet similarly to toilet paper.

Available in environmentally friendly paper bags: 8 litre bag (2.9 Kg)

CAT'S BEST SENSITIVE is made in Germany.