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Made from 100% natural organic fibres and kitten safe.

CAT BEST OkoPlus ORGANIC clumping cat litter is a super ODOUR STOPPER and ensures greater HYGIENE naturally – unpleasant odours in your home are a thing of the past.

CATS BEST OkoPlus ORGANIC clumping cat litter has EXCELLENT ABSORPTION, more than 700%. (Conventional cat litter absorbs just approximately 200%) and therefore has SIGNIFICANTLY less waste.

Super economical – may remain 4 – 6 weeks in the cat litter box.

Compostable and 100% biodegradable. An organic cat litter that can be disposed off in the normal household toilet similarly to toilet paper.

Available in environmentally friendly paper bags: 5 litre bag (2.1 Kg), 10 litre bag (4.3 Kg) or 20 litre bag (8.6 Kg).

CAT'S Best OkoPlus is made in Germany.