Pet House Cattery

The Pet House Cattery is located in Karen and comprises of 5 spacious cubicles, each with a private sun basking area.

Surrounded by lush greenery, the cattery is serene, safe and quiet. Each guest has their own feeding bowls and private litter box, which is daily cleaned.

The cattery was inspected and approved by Nairobi City County Veterinary Department; and passes standards of safety and spacious room.

Boarding is either bed only or full board. Charges are as follows: KSh. 550 (Per Cat – Room only – Owner provides meals). KSh. 600 (Per Cat – Full Board – We provide Whiskas or Snappy Tom dried food; morning, lunch time and evening). Each additional cat per shared cubicle is charged at KSh. 200.

Welcome to the Pet House Cattery, where cats are our priority. Please call us to arrange a booking.